Balasore, Odisha
The Marketplace of Balasore
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Balaramgadi Fishing Resort

Balaramgadi Fishing Resort, Balasore

This place actually famous for Bengai freedom fighter Jatindranath Mukherjee (Bagha Jatin) who fought against british for the motherland. The location is estuary of river budibalam. At present it is a busy fish market. Balaramgadi Radha Kirshna Temple also a visit place just close to fish market area.

If you like fishing, must visit Balaramgadi Village. It is located near to the beach merely 2 KM, at the confluence of Budhabalanga River. There is a big fish market in the village and fresh sea fishes are available at cheap price. This place is popular among locals and tourists, especially for fishing and boating. Apart from enjoying fishing and boating, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the village.