Dagara Sea Beach, Baliapal
Dagara Sea Beach, Baliapal
  Dagara Sea Beach, Baliapal
  Bhusandeswar Temple, Baliapal
  Jagannath Temple, Baliapal
  Langaleswar Temple, Langaleswar
  Langaleswar Bridge, Langaleswar
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Baliapal and its environment is one of the most fertile and productive areas of Balasore District, in Odisha. Also this place is famous for fishing. As this area borders on the sea, there are numerous fishing villages dotted all over the coastline.
Baliapal is also a scenic beauty place, and is famous for Dagara Sea Beach, Talsari Sea Beach, Bhusandeswar Temple, Jagannath Temple and the Langaleswar Temple.

Organizations of Baliapal

Sonali Variety Store, Baliapal, Balasore
Mahalaxmi Traders, Baliapal, Balasore
Maa Tarini Furniture, Parulia Chaka, Baliapal, Balasore
Shib Shankar Bake Foods, Langaleswar, Balasore
Baba Motors, Baliapal, Balasore
Baba Honda, Baliapal, Balasore