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Bhujakhia Pir

Bhujakhia Pir, Balasore

Bhujakhia Pir(named as Hajrat Swale Mohammad). Situated at Sunhat at the heart of the city is the tomb of Sufi saint Aasthana Sharif Hazrat Pir named as Hajrat Swale Mohammad better known as Bhujakhia Pir. The shrine of Baba Bhujakhira Pir of Balasore stands as a symbol of harmony between Muslim and Hindu. During the occasion of Urs, a crowd gathers at the shrine comprising both Hindu and Muslims. This is an age-old tradition.

The legend tells that Hajrat Swale Mohammad, named afterwards as ‘Bhujakhia Pir’ had come to Orissa in the 16th century and devoted himself to the service of mankind, especially to the service of Cholera victims. The Pir was much fond of ‘Bhuja’ (Puffed rice), and he is remembered as Bhujakhia Pir. Since after his demise also he is remembered with respect and the shrine remained as place of worship for both communities since centuries. He also has an elder brother named as Ahmed Shah Baba who is better known as Bada astana.

Before the urs of Hajrat swale Mohammad the urs of Ahmed shah baba is observed. Urs of Bhujakhia pir astana is celebrated at the last Wednesday,Thursday and Friday of March. It is very popular in Balasore, even people from outside the balasore come to observe it. When he first came to balasore he seat under a neem tree where now there is his astana. Previously it open towards up side but it is nicely built. It comes on the way going to Chandipur. People go to Astana on Thursday and worship there for whatever they want. Many people read quran there. Many people also tie thread at the left side of inner wall in belief that when baba will complete their wish they will untie this. People use Bhuja (buffed rice) as Sirni.The newly married couples come there and wish for the well being of their spouse and family members. The annual Fateha (Urs Swalehiya) is going to be observed on 10th,11th & 12th of Apr'13.