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Ratha Yatra

Balasore city in Odisha is all set to witness the annual Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra from the majestic Emami Jagannath Temple on June 25. The festival is celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha, Ashadh month, the third month of the traditional Oriya calendar. Three new and splendid chariots are constructed to escort Lord Jagannath, his brother Lord Balbhadra and his sister Subhadra from the 78-feet-high magnificent shrine located on three acres of land that was once was the premises of the Emami Paper Mills.The Rath will be pulled by thousands of devotees from India and abroad, amid the joyous chants of ‘Jai Jagannath’ and ‘Hare Krishna’. The act of pulling the Rath with ropes during the Rath Yatra is believed to be an extremely religious act, and a belief that attracts tourists from across India and from abroad. The temple authorities will provide food to all devotees who will participate in the Rath Yatra.On the occasion of the yatra, people of all faiths are allowed to see the deities and participate in the procession as they are not allowed to enter the temple on other days. Sushil Goenka, a trustee of the temple, said Lord Jagannath will shower his benevolence and blessings on all participants and their families.